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For professional caterers, restaurant kitchens, pub kitchens, and for other catering needs, our wide range of catering equipment helps you maintain a high level of service.


Our range of chefs clothing helps chefs keep cool in a hot kitchen, with a variety of chefs jackets, shirts, hats and trousers on offer. For front of house staff, our waiters aprons and bistro aprons are made to a commercial standard for a professional finish.


To help you prepare the finest food, we offer a wide variety of kitchen utensils from kitchen knives to chopping boards. Suitable for any busy kitchen, our range of pots and pans and other cookware is designed to a professional standard for all situations.


Out of the kitchen, our crockery, cutlery and other table service equiptment provides you with a professional look for your professional service. We also provide food, bar and waiter trays.


In addition, we supply a wide range of catering accessories such as advertising signs, menu boards and chalk boards.


For a hygienic working environment, our food thermometers let you store and serve food at optimum temperatures, while our cleaning products ensure your kitchen, restaurant, or pub can maintain a high level of hygiene.

To help you clean up after a busy night, our glasswasher racks are designed to be used as

commercial dishwasher racks too, for washing glassware and washing plates.


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